About Me

Shehnaz comes from a very diverse background being born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan as an orthodox Muslim. She came to the United States via an arranged marriage. To-date she has been an accomplished Aerospace Engineer, Health Coach, Life Coach and a Spiritual Teacher. She teaches in her town, Huntsville, Alabama where she currently resides and performs workshop to empower and encourage people. She Speaks 4 Languages including Urdu, Gujarati, and Hindi. She is a Single mother of 4 boys and feels very proud of them.

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As an Engineer, she has worked on Programs like Inmarsat, a satellite, International Space Station (ISS), Future Combat System (FCS), Ground Midcourse Defense (GMD) and Space Launch System (SLS). Currently working at NASA for the Commercial Crew Program (CCP) as a Flight Test System Engineer ensuring Space X Falcon 9 rocket is test certified for the unmanned and manned flight scheduled next year (2019). She went to Girl’s school and only dreamt about speaking English one day, created a dream life by acculturating in the United States and finishing up her education from a very prestigious school, University of California, Irvine. This enabled her to work in large cooperation, Boeing, as an aerospace engineer. She now walks hand in hand with men working on the strongest rocket ever build that can ultimately take us to Mars or a Missile that will save us from an attack from North Korea or Iran.

Her deep desire is to team up with innovative people utilizing technology that brings a revolutionary change to Planet Earth for the betterment of humanity. She is a distributor of a healing machine that originally comes from Germany that has proven to help people with all sorts of health condition. She believes in creating synergy across the planet and looking forward to continually explore new vistas to go beyond the moon and Mars.

You can check out my youtube interview here.

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