About Me

I was born during a war between Pakistan and Bangladesh.  A war we ultimately lost. Even during the frequent blackouts that occurred during this time, my mom noticed I had a smile on my face. As a starry-eyed girl, I gazed at the stars from our balcony in the very busy city of Karachi, Pakistan.  Every night I looked up and wondered about life. I asked myself a question to, “Is there a life beyond the sky and the stars?” Now, I wonder if I should have joined the astronaut’s core and walked on the moon. But I am already on a different planet when you compare life in Karachi, Pakistan to Huntsville, Alabama or any other city in United States. There are some exceptions, but you know what I mean 😊

At that moment, if an angel would have come down and shown me a video recording of my future, I would have said, “this can’t be me!” I was raised as an Orthodox Muslim Girl and told every second, “you are a woman and you can’t do anything.  Back then, I never imagined that one day I would become an aerospace engineer.  An aerospace engineer who would contribute to programs like: The International Space Station that enables mankind to explore space and support programs like Ground Mid-Course Defense, defending us from ballistic missile threats.

I am incredibly fortunate to have realized how powerful we humans are, that we can transform ourselves and live a very fulfilling life by being conscious of our circumstances.

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